Scent List



Amber Vanilla:         A rich and intoxicating fragrance open with a mélange of

                                 vanilla, citrus and a touch of creamy coconut. The heart includes rose, heliotrope & jasmine. The dry                 down combines’ amber, patchouli, vanilla & musk. 

Bamboo Hemp:        A blend of bamboo stalks with undertones of hemp seed.


Bamboo Verbena:     A green, fruity bouquet with citrus, lilac, rose, clove and

                                 musk notes.


Bedtime & Bath:       Soothing bedtime blend of mandarin, lavender & chamomile,

                                  neroli & lily of the valley. Bottom notes of hay & musk.


Bergamot & Tarragon:     Spa like fragrance with top notes of tarragon leaves,

                                         grapefruit & lime. Middle notes of bergamot & jasmine.

                                         base of oak moss & bamboo.


Black Raspberry Vanilla:      Black raspberries & cassis accent a soul of black tea

                                             & sage in a pool of vanilla cream.


Cape May:                  Coconut mixed into a creamy rich vanilla. Very tropical!


Cashmere:                  A warm, herbal musky fragrance with a light musk base woven

                                    with notes of muget, sandalwood, creamy vanilla & patchouli.

                                    Top notes of mandarin & lime to create a sophisticated blend.


Cinnamon Sticks:       Full bodied, hot cinnamon aroma.


Citrus Cilantro:          Citrus fruits with a base of cilantro herb.


Citrus Tomato Leaf:  Top notes of grapefruit, enhanced by a fresh floral bouquet that

                                  Includes jasmine, rose, cyclamen, ylang, violet leaf, myrtle with

                                  a fresh tomato. Base notes of  sweet musk and balsamic.


Clothesline Fresh:     Downey fabric softener type scent.


Coconut Grove:          Strong creamy coconut blended with hints of the tropics.


Coffee:                       Savor the aroma of the rich brew.


Cozy Home:                Housewarming spices with a burst of apple.


Cranberry:                 Berries enhanced by apple slices.


Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro: Refreshing notes of grapefruit and lime. Middle notes of

                                             fresh cucumber, guava and passion fruit. Base notes of

                                             wasabi, cilantro and fern.


Day Spa:                               A blend of chamomile and melon. Tranquil and relaxing.


Eucalyptus Spearmint:         Surprising flourishes of fruity apple add dimension &

                                              Interest to fresh minty notes with a eucalyptus heart.


Fiji Islands:                           Floral notes of hibiscus, violet, and peony are blended

                                              On a base of creamy vanilla and sweet coconut to

                                              Create this tropical paradise.


Fresh Lemon:                         The aroma of freshly squeezed lemon.


Fresh Pine:                             Woody notes with fir, balsam musk and a touch of



Ginger Lime:                          Freshly grated ginger amid zesty green lime.


Ginger Verbena:                    Fresh ginger, stimulating lemon and ripe grapefruit

                                              Create this wonderful fragrance. 


Island Get Away:                   A combination of just the right notes of cocoa butter

                                               And tropical fruits.


Island Lavender:                   An enticing blend of lavender with silky French vanilla

                                               Infused with rich coconut milk and hints of musk.


Jasmine:                                 A bouquet of the sweet blooms of the jasmine flower.

                                                Top notes of jasmine, rose & ylang.


Lavender:                               Calming lavender and fresh ozone with soft touches

                                                of woody undertones.


Lumber Jack:                         A warm woody blend of cedar, warm musk & sandal

                                              wood with a hint of patchouli. Mid notes of saffron

                                               and clove with a touch of sun ripened berries.


Macintosh Apples:                 Tempting fruity tart apples fresh from the tree.


Man Cave:                              Base notes of oak moss, incense, rosewood and pepper

                                               with touches of rosemary, juniper, bergamot and

                                               Sicilian mandarin.


Mandarin:                              A fruitful aroma eliminating & neutralizing odors,

                                              completely  natural without harmful chemicals.

                                              tangy citrus blend, natural essense of rosemary,

                                               pineapple & sun ripened raspberries. Warm vanilla

                                                musk finish.


Nag Champa:                         An oriental aroma that evokes sensuality & warmth.


Nectarine Mint:                     Citrus blend of lemon and orange, cooled with a hint

                                              of mint. Fresh juicy nectarine gets natural accents of

                                              leafy greens. Woody undertones support the fruit

                                              sensation with a deep richness as a base of musk

                                              finishes the fresh blend.


Nishiki Grapefruit:                Blushing pink citrus blend that is refreshing, uplifting

                                              and invigorating to awaken the senses.


Olive Tree:                             Blended from naturally occurring oils specifically for

                                               eliminating & neutralizing odors completely natural.


Pear Tree:                              Gingered fruity pear, paired with a smooth vanilla bean



Paul Bunyon:                         Sage mixed with clover. Add Jasmine and honey rose,

                                               with top notes of earthy moss, cinnamon spice and

                                               cedar wood. Makes a green and clean scent.


Raspberry:                             Fresh, fruity blend of red fruits enhanced by peach.


Rosemary & Thyme:             Odor eliminator. A cleansing citrus mélange . Sweet

                                              floral extracts cheer on this astringent blend of

                                              essential oils, yielding to a warm amber finish.


Seaside Mist:                         Waves crashing onto the sandy beaches, enjoy the

                                               salty sea air.


Shea & Cashmere:                 African shea butter scent with luxurious cashmere

                                               extract with a hint of vanilla.


Sherlock Holmes:                   A mellow, woodsy scent like fine pipe tobacco, with

                                               just a whiff of cherry wood.


Snapdragon:                          Elegant and refined tea blend combining sweet

                                               olive leaf with silver sage, green melon and crisp

                                               bergamot with a white floral bouquet of lily and

                                               camellia warmed with heliotrope and sheer musk.


SPF-30:                                   A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony

                                                Citrus, fresh lavender & powdery musk.


Vanilla Extract:                      Crisp & Fresh, not buttery! Smells just like real vanilla



White Ginger & Amber:          An exotic mix of precious woods & vanilla notes

                                                highlighted by coconut & muguet.


White Tea & Ginger:             Top notes of bergamot, white tea, mandarin and the

                                              heart combines garden, thyme, winter jasmine, nutmeg,

                                              peony and mimosa with accents of crisp leafy greens

                                              and wild lavender.




Blueberry:                              The smell of fresh blueberries, ready to go into a pie.


Crème Brulee:                       A rich dessert of cream, caramelized sugar, egg yolk,

                                              and a touch of vanilla.         


Field of Flowers:                    Top notes of summer dandelion, refreshing verbena &

                                               soft heliotrope; followed by middle notes of spring

                                               meadows, lily of the valley & weeping willow; all

                                               sitting on base notes of sweet pea blossoms &

                                               Kentucky blue grass.


Hyacinth:                                The floral fresh aroma of real hyacinth flowers.


Strawberry:                           Simple and pure, sweet and juicy sun fresh strawberries

                                                are sure to be a summertime favorite.


Sweet Pea:                             Refreshing floral with hints of jasmine, violet & lily of

                                                the valley.






All Hallows Eve:                     Apple, citrus, spice and pumpkin notes meld into this

                                               fabulous fall blend.


Apples N Oak:                         A very rustic woodsy apple scent, great for all seasons.


Christmas Cabin:                    A blend of bayberries & cranberries with top notes of

                                                freshly crushed cinnamon bark and hints of orange zest.


Christmas Past:                     A holiday blend of pine needles, cinnamon sticks, clove

                                              buds & sweet raspberries.


Citrus Spruce:                        Fir, balsam & sandalwood notes with a fresh blend of

                                                grapefruit & mandarin.


Country Bumpkin:                A wonderful blend of apples, candied yams, sweet

                                             cream butter, marshmallow, brown sugar, nutmeg,

                                              crushed cinnamon bark & fresh cloves.


Cranberry Peppermint:       Delightful scents of lemon, cranberry, orange,

                                             pomegranate, peppermint, spearmint & crème de

                                             menthe on a base of vanilla, wintergreen & eucalyptus.


Frost Bite:                             A cool refreshing blast of wintergreen that will chill you

                                              to your toes.


Gingerbread:                         Sizzling top notes of cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg

                                              blended with gooey rich molasses & brown sugar.


Harvest Spice:                        A strong mix of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon & allspice.


Hippy Christmas:                  An earthy blend of patchouli, herbal sandalwood, with

                                              hints of strawberry & raspberry with a down of fresh

                                              vanilla & peppermint leaf.


Mint Candy Cane:                 A true blast of peppermint!


Mistletoe:                               The heart of this scent is a wonderful fruit & floral

                                                Array kissed with mistletoe, jasmine & rose. Cinnamon,

                                                Fir, balsam, cedar and clove add inner warmth and



Pumpkin Pie:                         Pumpkin, holiday spices and that toasty fresh baked



Sweet Chestnuts:                  Butter, nutty with luscious spice & vanilla.


Sweet Snow:                          A nutty bouquet with vanilla background & hint of mint.


Warm Apple Pie:                   Layer apon layer of delicious baked apples, a light flakey

                                              Crust infused with cinnamon and nutmeg.



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